Inside the Copper mask

Odds are you already own copper products or at least used them many times before. Just take on Amazon and search for copper.

Over 100000 results: Kitchenware, Jewelry, garments, medical and the list go on and on. Copper is everywhere, serving humanity mining it for generations. According to Egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians used copper tools to literally build the pyramids. Copper is known for generations to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Numerous scientific studies proved beyond a doubt that bacterias and viruses cannot survive in the presence of copper. From some reason the infecting bodies crumble and cease to exist.

The challenge facing the health industry was how to use the copper super-power in a practical and safe way. The solution was found in Israel. This scientific achievement is backed by over 30 patents and was approved by the FDA in 2018. The next challenge was the surgical mask. This is how the mask is made: The mask itself is made out of three layers. The outer layer prevents droplets from entering and holds microscopic copper oxide polymers. The middle layer traps small particles that may pass through the outer layer. It also prevents the flow of particles outward. The inner layer is close to the nose and mouth and was designed to absorb moisture, plus it holds copper oxide polymers to make sure no virus can survive. In total a tiny amount of copper particles are blended into the mask hence the peach color. The fabric is otherwise identical to a “regular” surgical mask and provides all the needed protection per US and EU regulations (IIR/EN14683). The mask is sterile, odourless and smooth to wear.

The copper mask was tested and cleared for marketing in the EU – April 2020 and passed a rigorous testing process by the German lab TUV SUD. While copper can be added to textile and woven garments the outcome products do not comply with the recommended filtering guidelines such as EN14683 and they are essentially garments and do not provide the needed safety and effectiveness standards.

The copper anti-viral properties do not decline over time. So as long as the mask is physically intact (no holes) it provides antiviral protection without a need for sterilization. The mask is self-sterilising itself using the power of copper.

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